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  • Due to a huge increase in interstate piano sales, we now offer regular monthly delivery from our Adelaide, Hobart & Melbourne stores through VIC, NSW and QLD, as well as bi-monthly trips to Perth (Next trip 26/6). In addition, we have extending our offer of free nationwide delivery, tuning after delivery & 15 year warranty until the end of June 😁


    Just arrived at our Adelaide store, fully restored and now ready for delivery!

    Specifications of this Piano:

    Brand: Bösendorfer

    Model: Model 200VC Grand Piano

    Timbers: High Gloss Bösendorfer Ebony

    Manufacture Country: Vienna, Austria

    Manufacture Year: 1990 (Hand made Austrian model, prior to Yamaha purchasing Bösendorfer)

    Dimensions: 154cm(W) X 200cm(L)

    Condition: Fully restored, Immaculate, as new condition.


    History of this Piano:

    You will most likely never find another pre-loved Bösendorfer ‘Model 200VC’ Grand Piano at this price and in this condition in Australia again. An extremely rare find, a limited edition, hand made Bösendorfer ‘Model 200VC’ Grand Piano. Manufactured in the original Bösendorfer Piano Factory in Vienna, Austria during the golden era of Bösendorfer, prior to when they were purchased by Yamaha.


    With Bösendorfer pianos being an extremely luxury, high end brand, people tend to keep them forever! We have never had one of these pianos in stock and we will most likely never see another one again. A brand new Bösendorfer Model 200VC now has a RRP of in excess of $280K AUD and are the immediate competitor of the Steinway Model B-211.


    The piano can only be described as being in immaculate, as new condition. Previously owned by a local Adelaide family, the piano has been meticulously maintained for its entire life. Since receiving the piano at our Adelaide piano workshop and display room we have conducted a full restoration back to concourse condition. The piano plays perfectly like the day it came from the Bösendorfer piano factory.

    The tonal range of this piano is simply breathtaking, the bass is deep and soulful and the treble has a colour that we have never heard in any other piano before.

    Not only an amazing musical instrument, this rare bespoke piano is also a powerful feature piece and statement of sophistication. A sound financial investment which will only appreciate in value as these high end European made Bösendorfer Grand Pianos become more rare and collectable.


    Work conducted on this Piano prior to Sale:

    Exterior: Full cabinet dismantle, clean, buff and polish of the high gloss ebony finish, all brasswork removed and polished to a high shine.



    Full dismantle, inspection, regulation and reassemble of the playing action, keyboard and pedal mechanism. Once reassembled, full regulation in the piano and fine tuning to A440 concert pitch.


    Enquire about this Piano:

    We don’t bite! And we all actually work on pianos, so no-one in our business is a pressuring salesperson!


    Please feel free to message us via the chat function in the bottom right corner of the screen or contact Joe direct on 0408221272.

    Austrian Bösendorfer ‘Model 200-VC’ Grand Piano

    $99,995.00 Regular Price
    $86,888.00Sale Price
    • Delivery, Installation and Post-Delivery inspection and tuning (all capital cities and most regional areas), Matching Piano Bench (adjustable or duet), 15 Year Warranty

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