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  • Due to a huge increase in interstate piano sales, we now offer regular monthly delivery from our Adelaide, Hobart & Melbourne stores through VIC, NSW and QLD, as well as bi-monthly trips to Perth (Next trip 26/6). In addition, we have extending our offer of free nationwide delivery, tuning after delivery & 15 year warranty until the end of June 😁


    Specifications of this Piano:

    Brand: Sheidmayer

    Model: F380 Full Concert Upright

    Cabinet: Filigree Carved Burl Walnut

    Manufacture Country: Stuttgart, Germany, 1924

    Dimensions: 152cm(W) X 138cm(H) X 68cm(D)

    Condition: Restored.


    Tone and touch: An absolutely beautiful deep, full sound typical of a high quality German made piano from the golden era of European pianos. Beautifully evenly weighted touch with original ebony and ivory keyboard.


    History of this Piano:


    This piano is an authentic Sheidmeyer ‘Art Series’ Concert Upright Piano; the largest model ever manufactured in the original Sheidmeyer piano factory in Stuttgart, Germany; very few were ever made and they are almost impossible to find in Australia. The serial number is stamped on the frame dating the piano to 1924.


    This piano is a truely amazing find in Australia; the world famous Sheidmeyer F380 Full Concert Upright. A true 1 owner, the piano was purchased by a family from the Adelaide Hills and handed down through 3 generations. Meticulously cared for and maintained which is reflected in its stunning condition.


    With most vintage pianos being quite dark in colour, as was the style of the day; rarely do we see a carved filigree walnut cabinet as stunning as this in light - medium tones of both figured and burl walnut.


    The cabinet has been repolished and we carefully kept the authenticity of the piano. The keyboard is the original ivorine which has also been fully restored. The playing mechanism was competely dismantled and restored; the piano plays perfectly and is tuned to A440 concert pitch.


    With a smooth, responsive action, and a lovely warm tone, this premium German piano would be a beautiful feature and a gorgeous instrument for any home and a keepsake for generations to come!


    Work conducted on this Piano:


    : Full cabinet dismantle and repolish, all brasswork removed and polished.


    : Full dismantle and restoration of the playing action, keyboard and pedal mechanism. Once reassembled, full regulation and fine tuning to A440 concert pitch.


    Enquire about this Piano:

    We don’t bite! And we all actually work on pianos, so no-one in our business is a pressuring salesperson!


    As a small family business we want your business and we pride ourselves on our personal service. Please feel free to use the 'chat' button at the bottom right-hand side of your screen to message us or contact Joe direct on 0408221272.


    Thankyou very much for visiting our site 😁

    Stunning ‘Scheidmayer Art Series’ Concert Upright Piano

    • Delivery, Installation and Post-Delivery inspection and tuning (all capital cities and most regional areas), Matching Piano Bench (adjustable or duet), 15 Year Warranty

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