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Mobile Piano Service in Hobart!

Joe is in Hobart today visiting Restored Pianos Pty Ltd, our affiliated store in Tasmania! Restored Pianos has operated since 1973 and is one of the longest running piano restoration businesses in Australia. Eric Hawkes, the owner of Restored Pianos, is also the president of the Master Piano Tuners, Repairers and Restorers Association of Australia and Joe’s former boss, with Joe being lucky enough to do his apprenticeship under Eric’s direction in the Hobart store during the 90s!

During his visit to Hobart, Joe has hand selected 3 pianos from the store to bring to Adelaide – the first being a beautiful Ronisch, fully restored in Eric’s workshop, as well as two other pianos to be restored in our Adelaide workshop. The fully restored Ronisch will retail in our store for $7,995.

Joe is having fun on his visit to Hobart, instead of enjoying the harbour and all it has to offer, he is of course hauling around pianos with his brother Matthew, who works at the Hobart store!!


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