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Tunng a grand piano

Tuning & Repairs

Leaver & Son offers a range of specialist in-home piano tuning and repair services throughout South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.  Joe looks after South Australia and Victoria, while Matt takes care of Tasmania.

Our three options for in-home piano tuning and servicing are outlined below.  To book a piano tuning service, please contact us!


South Australia:

150 Payneham Rd, Evandale

Call 08 8362 8813 (Store) or 0408 221 272, or email


Call 0401 603 037  or email


Standard Piano Tune

from $275 (60-90 mins)

Recommended for pianos we have sold or pianos that have been regularly tuned and maintained (every 1-2 years).   This service  includes a full tuning of your piano and a brief overall inspection.


Piano Tune & Service

From $550 (approx 3hrs)

Recommended for pianos that have been recently moved or have not be regularly tuned or maintained.   This service includes repair of up to five broken notes, a full inspection and adjustment as needed of the playing mechanism and pedals, and a double tuning of your piano.


Piano Tune, Service, Cleanout & Adjustment

From $880 (approx 5hrs)

Recommended for pianos that have not been tuned or maintained for many years, such as those purchased privately from Gumtree, eBay or Facebook. In this comprehensive service, we prioritise our work depending on the needs of your piano. We tune the piano two or three times, repair notes that are not working, repair and adjust the playing mechanism and pedals, and dismantle the piano to clean out dust and dirt that has built up through the years. Our price includes all parts and labour.

All our piano technicians have undertaken specialist training through Restored Pianos Pty Ltd in Tasmania (Australia's oldest piano tuning business), as well as Alex.Steinbach and Samick Pianos Australia.  We take great pride in our work and aim to be flexible to achieve the best results for you and your piano.


For people in regional areas, we periodically conduct country tuning trips.  If you require tuning service for your piano, just call, text or email us and web will add you to our regional tuning list to contact when we next visit.

"Awesome service from Tom and Dan who serviced, tuned and adjusted my piano today.  Very knowledgeable and thorough, taking time to explain options to me and assure me in relation to what outcomes I could expect.  It really was a pleasure having them in my home! :)"

Chris A, Customer

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